Monday, April 4, 2011

First Post

Welcome to my new blog. I've had the idea to start one in the back of my mind for some time, so we'll see how it goes.

If you're curious about the title, I just like the way it sounds and reads, and no one else seems to be using it. I thought of it myself as far as I know, but it's possible that it seeped into my subconscious from somewhere that I can no longer remember. A Google search for the phrase didn't really turn up anything. I suppose taste is inherently subjective. But, at the same time, it doesn't occur in a vacuum; it's influenced by tradition, as well as current norms and the attire of one's peers (which in today's sloppily casual world is usually no longer a good barometer, but that's another subject for another time). In short, I guess the title means everyone who cares about clothes should aspire to never wear anything ugly or inappropriate for the situation, to have unimpeachable taste. (If someone does accuse you of either, you'll have to decide whether their taste or yours has proven to be impeachable.)

I'll try to post at least one new entry per day, but there are likely to be numerous posts per day indefinitely; I already have lots of ideas to convey, and I have no desire at this point to ration them. I may eventually regret that decision if I start running out of ideas for new posts, but I'll cope with that if and when it happens.

We all have tasks that we regard as especially tedious for some psychological reason, even though they're not especially difficult. Unfortunately for me and anyone reading this, one of mine is taking pictures. So, while I find the photos on others' blogs to usually be the most enjoyable parts of their posts, my blog is unlikely to have pictures of my own, at least for the time being. But I plan to accentuate most posts with pictures; they will tend to either be illustrations such as the classic Fellowes-drawn ones from Apparel Arts c. 1930s, or photos from others' blogs or from Google (properly attributed whenever possible).

This will probably evolve over time, but my plan as of now is to organize my posts into the following categories, which will preface the title of each post:

1. Knowledge: These posts will tend to express views that aren't entirely opinions, but are backed up by facts or logical rationales, and which hold a general consensus among both historic and contemporary stylish men. That explanation may beg the question of why such posts are necessary, but a look at how most men dress today answers it: the knowledge, for whatever reason, is being lost.

2. Opinion: These posts will be about my subjective, arbitrary opinions.

3. Sources: These will be links to sites where merchandise can be purchased. I'll also mention whether I've ever bought anything from the given vendor, and review them if I have. If I received anything free from them in exchange for a review, I'll disclose that too.

4. Links: These will be links to non-merchandise sites, like other blogs.

Also, I tend to approach projects where I'm uncertain of who my audience is with the assumption that they know little, so I'll be presenting a lot of basic information at times. But hopefully all of my posts will be valuable and entertaining to everyone who sees them, regardless of whether they know less or more than I do.

Thanks for visiting! Let's have fun and see what we can learn from each other!

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