Saturday, April 9, 2011

Frequency of Posts Update

One of my rules-of-thumb about life is that virtually any job is more difficult than it appears to someone who has never done it.

In my first post last week, I mentioned that I had lots of ideas for posts because I had the idea for this blog for a long time, so I expected to post more than one entry on most days, indefinitely.

Now, just six days into my new blog, I realize that my prediction is unlikely to materialize, at least consistently. This is fun, and I still have plenty of ideas to convey. But it's also a lot more work than I expected, especially since I'm an incurable perfectionist. More than anything, these posts are more time-consuming than I anticipated; I didn't watch the clock that closely, but I think my post on shoes yesterday took about an hour.

I still plan to post at least one entry per day on most days, and some days there will probably be more, but that may turn out to be the exception, rather than the rule.

Thanks for visiting.

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