Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sources: The Tie Bar for Ties and More

Anyone looking for new, inexpensive, traditional ties need look no further than The Tie Bar.

According to the site, it was started by two attorneys who grew tired of paying $50+ department store prices for ties.

They carry a dizzying array of four-in-hand ties not only in silk, but in wool for winter and cotton for summer. I especially like their woven silk pin dot ties, which is arguably the most elegant possible tie pattern. Bow ties are available too, and you can -- and should -- change the pre-tied, strap-on style to the real, self-tie style with one mouse click, and for no extra charge. All of their ties are only $15.

They also have an impressive collection of pocket squares in either silk or cotton, including white cotton squares with colored borders. All of their squares are only $8.

Large assortments of cuff-links for $20 per pair, as well as tie bars for $15 each, are also available. (Collar bars are also available, but they're the forbidden clip-on kind, so you should ignore them.)

Shipping is a flat $5.99, no matter how many items you order at once.

I've purchased from them and found the products and service excellent, especially for their prices.

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