Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sources: Thrift Stores for Ties

I'm back for my quarterly post (I didn't plan it that way, but that's how it has worked out).

Thrift stores have for years been the main source for my tie addiction.

I added nine ties to my collection of probably 300+ over the past week, all from thrift stores:

1. Burgundy with white pin dots from Lands' End, 100% silk, $1.00

2. Rust-colored club tie with a small, repeating motif of three people jogging, no brand label, silk/poly blend that looks and feels like silk, $1.00

3. Plaid wool tie from Rooster, 50 cents

4. Navy foulard tie from Pride of England, 100% silk, $1.00

5. Plaid wool tie from Accents for Men, 75 cents

6. Red foulard tie from Robert Talbott Carmel, 75 cents

7. Brown, tan and light blue block stripe repp, 100% silk, no brand label (but looks like a typical Countess Mara, but without the logo), $1.00

8. Navy club tie with small olive green dogs from Lands' End, 100% silk, $1.00

9. Rose-colored foulard tie from Stafford (J.C. Penney), 100% silk, $1.00

Total cost for the whole haul: $8.00, or less than $1.00 per tie.

I also bought a green and white pocket square, probably polyester but feels like silk, for $1.00.

I may just give Giuseppe a run for his money yet.

You always have to sort through some junk in thrift stores. But, in my experience, finding clean, stylish (classic colors and patterns in 3-4" widths that never go out of style) ties in such places is pretty easy.

Also, I realize that this post would be 1,000 times better with pictures. Unfortunately, I despise taking them, and I don't expect that to change anytime soon.