Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Jackpot

My tailor is near one of the thrift stores I visited a couple of days ago; I stopped in on my way to give her a couple of shirts to move the cuff buttons in. 

So today, I went back to pick them up, and stopped in the thrift again, mainly because I was hoping the chair I bought the other day was part of a set, and the others hadn't been put out yet the last time I was in. 

No such luck. But, amazingly, I found seven more ties that weren't there two days ago, all for 95 cents each:

1. Burgundy with navy paisley by Ferrell Reed, 100% silk.

2. Burgundy foulard by Giovanni Carvello, 100% silk.

3. Navy foulard by John Henry, 100% silk.

4. Burgundy with navy and gold foulard by Mallory & Church, 100% silk.

5. Burgundy foulard by Van Huesen, 100% silk.

6. Burgundy with teal repp stripes by J.L. Roberts & Company, 100% silk.

7. Red with white and navy repp stripes by Rooster, 100% silk.

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