Wednesday, September 7, 2011


There are worse things to be addicted to than collecting ties, especially when they cost 95 cents each.

Today's haul, from two different thrift stores of the same chain:

1. Navy tie with small gold and burgundy paisley pattern by Ferrell Reed for Mr. Guy, 100% silk.

2.  Red foulard by Damon, 100% silk.

3. Navy foulard by Rooster, 100% silk.

4. Rust solid by Macy's Men's Store, untagged but feels like a silk-poly blend.

5. Bottle green with purple and gold stripes by Robert Talbott, 100% silk.

6. Burgundy paisley by Stafford (J.C. Penney), 100% silk.

7. Red paisley by Johnny Carson, 100% silk.

8. Chocolate brown club tie with small duck motif by Robert Talbott, 50-50 silk-wool blend.

9. Bottle green club tie with small stagecoach motif from a local haberdasher, silk-poly blend.

10. Rose foulard with navy and tan from Lands' End, 100% silk.

11. Red paisley by Class Club, 100% silk.

12. Bottle green with repeating diagonal pattern of three white ribbon stripes and gold shields, 100% silk.

13. Tan club tie with small duck motif, unbranded, silk-poly blend.

14. Chocolate brown repp tie with white and gold ribbon stripes from Countess Mara, 100% silk.

15. Burgundy club tie with small duck and horn motif by Renleigh, silk-poly blend.

16. Pink club tie with a small sailboat motif from a local haberdasher, 100% silk.

Total cost for this haul @ 95 cents each: approximately $16, with tax.

I also picked up a lightweight navy topcoat from London Fog for $13.48. It's in basically mint condition and fits me like a glove. It was just a little dusty; after a trip through the washer and dryer (despite the dry clean only tag), it's as good as new.

Finally, I also bought a chair at the same store. Most furniture in thrift stores is junk, but this was one of the rare gems. It's brown, probably vinyl but looks like leather, with nailhead trim and wooden legs on wheels with brass casters. It's in like-new condition except for some very minor wear on the finish of the wooden legs. I wiped it down with some kitchen counter top cleanser when I got it home (which revealed some dirt I couldn't see on the chair, but could on the cloth), and it's good as new. I wish there had been two or even four of them, especially since it cost $8.48.

The grand total was about $40. Not bad for a chair, a coat, and 16 ties.

Again, I realize that a post like this would be far better with pics, but I hate taking them. Maybe I'll get over that someday -- but don't hold your breath. 

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