Sunday, February 12, 2012

Opinion: Wife-beater Shirts

There are few eyesores that are worse than a man in a wife-beater. I saw two tonight -- and it was like 20 degrees outside. So apparently the answer to the question of how cold it has to get for someone to put on a whole shirt is: for some men, it never gets cold enough. 
I think I'm going to open my own online store, selling wife-beaters with "It's Never Too Cold to Look Like Shit" written across the front.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quotation: The State of Dress in 2012

This is a quote from the Facebook page of a friend of mine, a beautiful and sweet girl. But:

"Today is my first day of semester wearing jeans to class... and I only did it because I had to present today... Tomorrow I am going right back to my beloved sweats. I love college. ♥"

This is where we are today: jeans are what you wear to "dress up" when you can't wear sweats. 

That reminds me of another friend of mine, who got a data entry job and was complaining that she had to wear tennis shoes to work, when she'd rather wear flip-flops. 

So it's the same sentiment, shoe division: tennis shoes are what you wear to "dress up" when you can't wear hideous plastic shower shoes. 


Update: Viccel Socks

You may remember that I ordered my first-ever pair of Viccel socks on Nov. 30 -- a red pair, to wear at Christmas. 

Unfortunately, they didn't arrive in time -- or at all. 

I emailed Viccel's proprietor a few days before Christmas; he informed me that my socks had been mailed on Dec. 2, and asked me to keep him updated. 

I emailed him again shortly after New Year's, telling him they still hadn't arrived. 

He apologized, and wrote that he would send a replacement pair. 

They arrived last week, about when I expected. 

Then, the next day, another pair arrived. 

I still had the previous day's empty package on my desk; when I checked the postmark, it was Dec. 2. 

I have no idea why the first package took two months to arrive. But, thanks to Kamal's generous replacement of the first pair -- which I thought were lost forever, I'm now the proud owner of two pair of scarlet red over-the-calf dress socks. 

I haven't worn either yet; I intended for red socks to be for Christmas only, but I'll have to take one pair out for a spin long before then, to see how they feel. Maybe I'll wear them on Valentine's Day; that seems as good a day as Christmas to wear red socks. After that, I suspect that they'll live in a drawer until December. 

I'll report back after the first wearing. If the fit and feel of Viccel's socks are as good as their customer service, I expect to order more socks from them soon.