Monday, May 28, 2012

I Wish This Still Happened

Happy Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. 

I belong to a Bing Crosby fan page on Facebook, which often posts "on this day" trivia about his life. 

This was posted today:

May 28, 1951: Bing Crosby, unshaven after a week of fishing and wearing blue jeans, is booted from the lobby of a Vancouver, BC, hotel for his unkempt appearance. Levi Strauss & Company later outfit him with a denim tuxedo so he'll always be suitably attired. The tux is now at Gonzaga University."

I wish things like that still happened. Today, at best, he'd be allowed to stay with no one batting an eye; at worst, he'd be asked why he's "all dressed up." I mean, seriously, who wears long pants in late May? It's too hot, even in Vancouver. 

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