Saturday, May 12, 2012

Opinion: Summer is Sockless?

There seems to be an epidemic (prominently, but not limited to, Giuseppe, ADG, and Conor) of socklessness among men's style bloggers this time of year. And it's not just a minor aspect of their summer looks that's visible only at close glance at their pictures; they highlight it proudly. One wrote once that he tries to completely avoid socks between June-September; another wrote that he has considered getting a "Summer is Sockless" tattoo. Some even go sockless with suits. 

Stop it. It looks like crap. It's on the level of clip-on collar bars or braces, short "dress" socks, or short-sleeved "dress shirts." 

I also cannot for the life of me imagine how it's comfortable. I have never, ever, EVER, in my entire life, been outside on a really hot day and thought, "Boy, my feet and ankles sure are hot. I'd be a lot more comfortable if they were uncovered." (This is the same "comfort" argument I've often seen for sandals and flip-flops -- they supposedly make your feet cooler. How does leaving your skin exposed to the hot sun make them cooler than covering them, especially if it's with something breathable?! And, even if it does, it's HIDEOUS -- suck it up and stop being such an eyesore.)

And I don't even want to think about what the insides of their shoes smell like at the end of the day. 

The only time I can imagine socklessness being passable style-wise is with shorts, and basically the only time I see shorts as passable style-wise is in a backyard or at the beach. But then you'd be wearing canvas sneakers or something, not leather dress or casual shoes, which is what I'm referring to here. 

Pants, ties, jackets of any sort, and especially suits should always be worn with socks.  

Sockless is classless.

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