Friday, June 8, 2012

Super Score!

(Here's another of my signature, photo-less posts for this blog, which I'm shocked that anyone reads.)

Yesterday I scored three pairs of (tame, as these things go) Brooks Brothers "Go to Hell" pants -- one red, one green, one light blue, at the same thrift store for $2.48 each. They're the "Hudson" model in lightweight cotton, perfect for summer, and I found them during the first week of June! All of them are in excellent condition and they fit perfectly, with no tailoring needed; they obviously all came from the same person. I couldn't find the exact "Hudson" model I bought, but other versions called "Hudson" on Brooks Brothers' site average about $100 a pair.

Thrift shopping is one of my favorite hobbies; I enjoy the hunt almost as much as the kill, even when I don't find a "kill," so that definitely gives me an advantage over people who don't like it.

But, for such people: remember the possibility of a score like this, because it'll definitely make your drudgery worthwhile.