Saturday, August 4, 2012

Longing for Fall

Most clotheshorses seem to agree that fall and winter are the best clothing seasons. It's when you get to wear the best stuff, like tweed and flannel -- and, when it gets cold enough, you get to layer and wear as much of it as possible at once. 

Even apart from clothing and weather, my favorite time of year is Christmas, followed closely by fall. 

I'm generally sorry to see spring come, if for no other reasons than I hate hot weather, yard work and insects. But there are advantages too: by then I'm usually tired of my winter clothes, and I'm ready for a wardrobe change. I'm also usually sick of the bitter cold of winter by then, and I'm ready for some warmer weather. 

But now, after weeks of temperatures over 100-degrees, and five months without the best season's clothes, I'm definitely ready for fall. Hopefully it comes early this year.

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