Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cotton/Poly vs. Pure Cotton

I may have written about them before, but I've had excellent experiences with J.C. Penney's Stafford oxford cloth button-down shirts. They're not the best in the world, but they're hard to beat for the price (currently $17). 

Purists may turn their noses up at these shirts because they're a blend of 60% cotton with 40% polyester, as opposed to 100% cotton. 

The other day, I came across two blue and white university striped OCBDs (neither in my size) hanging close to each other at a thrift store. One was a Polo Ralph Lauren 100% cotton; the other was a 60-40 Stafford. I felt them both, and guess what? You're probably thinking I'm going to report not feeling a difference, but it's more than that -- the Stafford felt softer. 

Blends may be less than ideal, but they need not be deal-breakers. If it looks like cotton, feels like cotton, and the price is right, why not try it? 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day

The unofficial start of fall. Now we just need the cool weather to go with it.