Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Photo: Closing the Lapel

Awhile back, I wrote about the origin of the lapel's buttonhole -- that supposedly there used to be a button under the opposite lapel, and you could pop the lapel and close it across your chest. 

Here's a vintage ad I found on eBay from defunct clothier Norman Hilton. According to the listing, the photo is from a 1967 Princeton Tigers football game (ironically, the 1967-68 era is usually cited as the end of the Ivy League Look). I'm guessing the Tom Landry-esque man in the photo is the coach; this was still the era when football coaches tended to be well-dressed. He's demonstrating the closed lapel, although his has a throat latch (the strip of fabric sticking out from under the notch on the left lapel when the jacket is open), which allows the jacket to be closed a little higher. 


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