Monday, January 14, 2013

Rant: Cuff Links

Ideally, cuff links should be double-sided, with the same adornment on both sides; the popular T-bar links are only half a link. 

I was in Burlington Coat Factory tonight. I walked by a table of cuff links and stopped for a minute. As I expected, they were all one-sided, T-bar style -- except for one pair. These were a silver bar with an identical silver rectangle on each side, except one side had a dark blue stone, while the other side had a light blue one; idiotically, they were labeled "reversible," as if both sides aren't visible when they're worn. But even the two colors of stone didn't look bad together -- and, if the stones would've been the same color, they would've been perfect. 

What's really aggravating is they were the same price as the T-bar style links. So this is another example, like with mid-calf socks, of something that shouldn't even exist. I would gladly pay a modest up-charge for something made the right way. But I understand that perhaps the average man wouldn't, so that would be a possible answer as to why things are made the wrong way. But, if you can make things the right way and afford to sell them for the same price as making them the wrong way, then why do you make them the wrong way?! If you make them the right way, then someone who knows the difference, like me, will be happy, and someone who doesn't won't care either way. 

It must be ignorance, not cost; someone who thinks a two-sided link with two different stones can be marketed as "reversible" obviously isn't an afficionado of classic style -- and that's the least of his problems.

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