Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Link: Cary Grant on Style

Here's an interview with Cary Grant from the Winter 1967/68 GQ (back when it really was quarterly). The entire thing is well worth reading, but I especially noticed his comments on timeless style, which echo my own:

"I've never, as far as I can compare the efforts of others with my own, gone to any special trouble to acquire clothes that could be regarded as noticeably fashionable or up-to-date. Some of my suits are ten to twenty years old, many of them ready-made and reasonably priced.

"No, it isn't only money that determines how well a man dresses—it's personal taste. Because of the demands of my work, I've purchased dozens of suits over the years and they all have one attribute in common: they are in the middle of fashion. By that I mean they're not self-consciously fashionable or far out, nor are they overly conservative or dated. In other words, the lapels are neither too wide nor too narrow, the trousers neither too tight nor too loose, the coats neither too short nor too long. I've worn clothes of extreme style, but only in order to dress appropriately for the type of character I played in particular films. Otherwise, simplicity, to me, has always been the essence of good taste."

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