Friday, May 31, 2013

Bryan "WASP 101" Holloway: Give It Up Already

Writes Greg Flynn, the source of yesterday's update about Holloway's stoop, in a post showing that an exact photo of Holloway was cropped and used on WASP 101.

Flynn also has another post today about Holloway and "Richard" wearing the same watch.

(I don't know why this "scandal," such as it is, fascinates me so much, but it does. I guess it's due in no small part to spending the last five years reading WASP 101 and wondering who "Richard" was -- and whether he was even a real person and the blog was supposed to be serious, or a character someone made up as satire. Rest assured that I intend to keep posting about this for as long as there are new developments.)

More than anything, I can't believe that a 35-year-old man isn't wise enough to know that denying something afterward gets you in more trouble than whatever you originally did. Didn't he learn anything from studying Nixon -- or from his own childhood? Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, given the bang-up job he did concealing his identity. Then again, even leaving that aside, "Richard" never seemed like the sharpest knife in the drawer anyway, did he?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bombshell: Identity of WASP 101 Blogger Revealed

Christian Chensvold of Ivy Style has finally figured out who "Richard" of WASP 101 really is: Bryan Richard Holloway, a Republican member of the North Carolina state House:

The most damning evidence is the fact that, according to Chensvold, Holloway's receptionist already knew who he was -- which she informed him of quite curtly -- when he called Holloway's office, asking for comment. Why else would a female receptionist already know -- and have a poor opinion of -- a niche men's clothing blogger who has no connection to the politician Holloway, but who has had a longtime online feud with Wasp 101's "Richard?" (It turns out that his receptionist appears to be Wasp 101 contributor "Kipp.")

Also, look at his mouth; there's no doubt. You can also tell that he's wearing a Polo Ralph Lauren OCBD, which he has written about wearing often, because it has the trademark too short collar points that don't look "right" with a tie. Much more incriminating than that is the fact that his blog was removed within moments of the news hitting. 

It's also obvious that his claims about not balding are untrue. 

I laughed out loud when I read on Wikipedia that his alma mater is Appalachian State University -- not because there's anything wrong with that, but because he always struck me as such a phony and poseur (or someone who was doing unbelievably subtle satire). I went to a state school too, but I don't pretend to be a blue blood. 

Anyone who's familiar with my political writings knows what I think of politicians, and government itself, in general. And this one was dumb enough not to crop out his whole head; to put pictures of his wife and his dog on the blog; to not get his wife to make her Facebook profile private, like his was; and to let readers goad him into revealing that he lives in, or near, North Carolina. Those were the clues that brought him down. And just by starting such a blog, he was risking his identity being revealed. But he still managed to keep it a secret for five years. 

Here's an example of what a poor job he often did of cropping his head:

I don't see why this should be a scandal; he could laugh off some of the less attractive qualities his writing seemed to display by claiming he was playing somewhat of a character for fun, or at least a caricature of himself. I think he'll damage his reputation more by pulling the blog than he would by leaving it up, owning up to it as damage control, and letting it blow over. By trying to erase it, he makes it easier for his future opponents to pull cached posts in an attempt to impugn his character. 

I find Christian's use of the info arguably unethical, and certainly unkind; I don't think I would've "outed" him. But "Richard" doesn't control Christian; he only controls himself; from his perspective, he did this to himself by starting the blog in the first place, and by putting too many clues to his identity on it. It was only a matter of time before someone connected the dots.

I'm also not happy about it causing the WASP 101 blog to be pulled; I always found his blog very entertaining, and I often browsed the archives. Hopefully Rep. Holloway will reinstate it after the shock of being "outed" blows over. 

If not, thanks for the entertainment, "Richard." 


WRAL (the studios of which, I must mention, were where Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling was taped from c. 1969-1981) has reached Holloway for comment, and he's denying it. Politicians never learn, do they? 

Another blogger has also noted that Holloway's stoop is identical to "Richard's."