Friday, May 31, 2013

Bryan "WASP 101" Holloway: Give It Up Already

Writes Greg Flynn, the source of yesterday's update about Holloway's stoop, in a post showing that an exact photo of Holloway was cropped and used on WASP 101.

Flynn also has another post today about Holloway and "Richard" wearing the same watch.

(I don't know why this "scandal," such as it is, fascinates me so much, but it does. I guess it's due in no small part to spending the last five years reading WASP 101 and wondering who "Richard" was -- and whether he was even a real person and the blog was supposed to be serious, or a character someone made up as satire. Rest assured that I intend to keep posting about this for as long as there are new developments.)

More than anything, I can't believe that a 35-year-old man isn't wise enough to know that denying something afterward gets you in more trouble than whatever you originally did. Didn't he learn anything from studying Nixon -- or from his own childhood? Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, given the bang-up job he did concealing his identity. Then again, even leaving that aside, "Richard" never seemed like the sharpest knife in the drawer anyway, did he?


Anonymous said...

The conventional wisdom in crisis management situations is "Tell it all and tell it fast." Holloway should have fessed up, called it a fun hobby and it would have become yesterday's news already.

Trad in Italy said...

Poor Bryan. Sure, some of his commentary was over the top, but he seems like a decent guy, politics aside.

The folks at Ivy Style could have outed him with more discretion.