Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rep. Bryan Holloway: Farmboy to WASP101

Chad Nance of the Camel City Dispatch weighs in. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Holloway Repeats Denial to WRAL on June 3

After having four days to think about it, instead of coming clean about being "Richard" from WASP 101, Holloway dug in his heels even deeper:

Monday night, offered the chance to reconsider his denial, Holloway declined. 
"I’ve just made the only comment that I’m going to make, and that’s it," he said. "I’m going to stick by what I said. I don’t really see it as news or a story, so we’re just finished with it."
Holloway said the coincidental similarities between himself and "Richard" prove nothing.  
"One thing I would point out is how many brown dachshunds are out there, how many Brooks Brothers ties are hanging on the rack at a Brooks Brothers store," he said. "I’m 5’10”, I have brown hair, I’m white. There’s a hundred million people who could look just like me."
What about the North Carolina politics link?  
"I haven’t even read [the blog]," Holloway said. "Again, I stick with what I said. Do whatever you will, write whatever you will. I’m done with it."

There are about 200 million adults in the U.S. Apparently half of them -- 100% of the males -- are 5'10", white, and have brown hair. 

And I guess they also all live in North Carolina, have identical wardrobes and front stoops to the WASP 101 guy, have wives who look just like "Richard's" wife, and have employees who look just like WASP 101's "Kipp."

My jaw is on the floor at this point. Seriously, could this guy be any dumber?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Other Bloggers on WASP 101

Guiseppe and Yankee Whiskey Papa have both weighed in on Christian Chensvold's "outing" of "Richard from WASP 101. Both feel that Christian was wrong, as do I. According to YWP, he already knew who "Richard" really was, and so did several other bloggers -- and they chose to keep it a secret. 

(Guiseppe, by the way, was "outed" last fall by the Boston Globe, but I take it he allowed it, as he cooperated with the feature story about him, and still prominently links to it on the homepage of his blog. I had always assumed that he was already "out," because I naively thought that Guiseppe Timore was his real name; the possibility that it was a pseudonym never occurred to me.) 

But, even though I agree that "Richard" should've been allowed to keep his anonymity, he made himself a lightning rod with his persona and outlandish stories (many of which I still think were fictional, or at least embellished). As I've written, I not only always wondered who he was, but whether he was even real and whether his blog was meant to be serious -- or whether it was extremely subtle satire and he was supposed to be some kind of fictional character, like a sophisticated sociological experiment or a very involved, Andy Kaufman-esque joke.

By contrast, I also enjoy Yankee Whiskey Papa's blog, but I've never wondered -- nor cared -- for a second who he really is. If someone "outed" him, I admit I'd probably Google him out of curiosity and read what I could find for maybe five minutes. But, unless it turned up something really interesting, I'd quickly get bored and forget about it -- and I certainly wouldn't care enough to write about it even once, much less multiple times, like I am with WASP 101. 

Anyway, it looks like Chensvold unwittingly made himself the villain in all of this. I wonder if he now wishes he could undo his decision.