Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Holloway Repeats Denial to WRAL on June 3

After having four days to think about it, instead of coming clean about being "Richard" from WASP 101, Holloway dug in his heels even deeper:

Monday night, offered the chance to reconsider his denial, Holloway declined. 
"I’ve just made the only comment that I’m going to make, and that’s it," he said. "I’m going to stick by what I said. I don’t really see it as news or a story, so we’re just finished with it."
Holloway said the coincidental similarities between himself and "Richard" prove nothing.  
"One thing I would point out is how many brown dachshunds are out there, how many Brooks Brothers ties are hanging on the rack at a Brooks Brothers store," he said. "I’m 5’10”, I have brown hair, I’m white. There’s a hundred million people who could look just like me."
What about the North Carolina politics link?  
"I haven’t even read [the blog]," Holloway said. "Again, I stick with what I said. Do whatever you will, write whatever you will. I’m done with it."

There are about 200 million adults in the U.S. Apparently half of them -- 100% of the males -- are 5'10", white, and have brown hair. 

And I guess they also all live in North Carolina, have identical wardrobes and front stoops to the WASP 101 guy, have wives who look just like "Richard's" wife, and have employees who look just like WASP 101's "Kipp."

My jaw is on the floor at this point. Seriously, could this guy be any dumber?

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