Thursday, August 24, 2017

Link: How to Buy Great Suits on eBay for Nothing by Jeffrey Tucker

This article has a lot of useful information.

My closet is full of Brooks Brothers, Polo Ralph Lauren and Southwick suits and sport coats (as well as some from other brands) from eBay. None had any visible wear. All of my suits cost around $55 each (around $50 seems to be most guys' price ceiling), maybe $100 each after alterations. It's beyond me why anyone would buy some trendy, glued-together piece of junk suit from the likes of Kohl's when they could get something 10x better quality for less money.

My only quibble is the note on lapel size. This should be determined by proportionality, not by the whims of fashion. A width of about 3 1/2 inches never goes out of style (for notch lapels on single-breasted jackets; peaked lapels on double-breasteds can be up to about five inches).

The 3 1/2 inch rule also applies to ties.

Regardless, I'm pleased to see that Tucker is still fighting the good fight. There aren't many of us left.

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